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31 March 2009 @ 06:57 pm
Just posting here that I'm currently guest blogging at the anime blog www.cartoonleap.com! (well I have for like the past few weeks). I don't have many posts, but I go under the name "shirokiryuu". =) Please visit!
23 November 2008 @ 10:49 pm
Gintama: Ahhh, I finally caught up with the subs for Gintama. I put it off for a few weeks because I wasn't in a mood for comedy. But oh, how I have missed it. Now I'm at episode 87 and I'm impatiently waiting for subs. (*sigh* and the Raws have been past the 100's for a looong time....
Thoughts: I'm glad Kyuubei didn't turn out to be some posessive lesbian, but just wanted to be a girly-girl and wanted to be best buds with Otae forever. D'awwww. Sougo also gets a lot of good development in the next arc. It's nice to see why he wants to kill Hijikata all the time. Plus I love Shinsengumi-centric episodes. Hack I love the Shinsengumi (the Yorozuya come pretty close as well). I was sad that Hijikata didn't really get to make up to Mitsuba, but I think she didn't really hold anything against him. I feel the worst for Sougo though.

Gundam 00: I thought episode 7 was really, blah. Usually I'm all for romance, but I really really really miss the old Soma. The badass female pilot now has degenerated to a on-the-sidelines-girlfriend type character, going even lower than Marina. I mean, Allelulah's not going to even let her fight for Celestial Being. My dreams for a pink Gundam are crushed. And it resolved waaay to easily. "I love you, so I don't care if you massacured all those children in the facilty we grew up in! It's alright!" Somehow I don't feel this "Marie" feels as natural as "Soma".
Episode 8 was pretty good, it built up my anticipation for the next episodes, which I've been kinda missing since the begining of the season. I'm not sure how Tieria "changed" his voice when in drag. I guess some new unheard space technology or something...
It's nice to see Louise isn't some whiny brat like Saji (but it doesn't help she's turned to a drug addict). I don't get why Setsuna used his codename while living at that apartment. I mean, it's not like it's his real name in the begining. (that trivial stuff aside) I'm so glad Patrick's back. i've missed that guy. I hope he doesn't get killed, since it's refreshing to have a character not to bogged down with negativity.

Toradora: I'm still enjoying this show, probably my second favorite show this season after Gintama. Although I'm pretty sure that using a kick board doesn't count as freestyle swimming. (Unless it means literal free style swimming, not crawlstroke). Even though Taiga acts a little too tsun-tsun than I'd stand in real life, at least she made up with Ryuuji in the end. If she were a real life girl, I would totally hate her.
I don't have to much to say about it, since I watched the recent episode a few days ago. So uh. I'll leave if for next time?

01 November 2008 @ 11:14 pm
This Week

Toradora! (First Impressions)

I hesitantly picked up this show because all the negative comments stemming from how poorly it's adapted from its novel and manga version. I kinda watched it with low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. I mean, there's a ton of stuff that could be done better, there many times I went "It was already good enough in the manga, they didn't need to change it..." but i still enjoyed watching it. As long things as entertaining I can forgive. (Even terrible shows).

Another thing that I liked about Toradora is that it's not really a overdone harem or ecchi show. Since I'm not the target audience for any of those genres, stuff like that just irks me and ruins my enjoyment of the show. I'm thankful there aren't any in the face panty shots or full screen jiggling boobs every scene.

Also, I really like the protagonist Ryuuji. I think for someone like me, it's important to have likable male protagonist. Ryuuji isn't a bishie, but he can cook and is a genuinely nice guy, so that's many plus points for me. I can only so much tolerate pathetic male leads who are so weak/pervy that I think they don't deserve a harem at all. (Similar rules apply to shoujo). Taiga on the other hand is quite abusive, but tsunderes don't bother me.

I think I've been watching too much Gintama.  Most people go "SHANA!!" everytime Taiga goes "Urusai!". For me, however, I can't stop expecting to hear some ~ARU! ~ARU!'s coming out of her mouth. Plus she's using a deeper voice than Shana and Louise. It's a lot closer to Kagura. I can't stop associating Kitamura with Shinpachi too. AGHHHH.

Other shows I'm following: (Short comments)
Skip Beat!: One of the few shoujo series I avidly follow. I'm having problem with the subbed version >__> HD formats never play nicely on my computer.. However, I am enjoying this show, it follows the manga quite faithfully (so far). The only thing bugging me is the animation quality. It's not that bad, but it's a little irksome in the OP, when the music has a nice beat, but there's still some parts aren't really "animated'. I mean, I kinda understand if the animation in the episode is so-so, but aren't OP usually supposed to be little more spiffed up? But nitpicking aside, I love Skip Beat!'s actual content, so it's alright. Thank goodness for the lack of stereotypical leads.

Gundam 00 SS:
Yeah, I know romance never really works out well in Gundam series, I still look out for MarinaXSetsuna moments. Setsuna's really matured too, plus he has a muffler. Mufflers are moe. Also Tieria's less of an ass this season, I'm not too sure why he's suddenly so nice with everyone, but at least it's nice to see everyone get together.

Earl and Fairy: Okay, guys, I know it's incredibly cheesy, and the action scenes are increbilly lame (still frames). It's excessive use of sparkles makes me laugh too. I'm curious how this one will go, and since I've never read the source material, it's kinda refreshing. The male protagonist looks eeriely like Tamaki Suou, i mean splitting image. Down to the purple eyes (or "Ash-Mauve" in Earl and Fairy. I don't think anyone uses that color in any normal conversation.)

Please guys, if anyone writes a fanfiction about Earl and Fairy. Please do not start with "His Ash-Mauve orbs gazed at her caramel colored threses of hair". Wait a minute. I wouldn't be surprised if that was an acual line in the show.

I swear Raven has like a geass or something, the "symbol" that appears when he activates it looks too similar to when Lulu activates his...

01 November 2008 @ 10:57 pm
Okay, I'm not much a person who'd responsibly blog about stuff that actually happens in my life, so I'll just use this livejournal for just random crap. Actually probably mostly anime. Yes, my life is that boring. That doesn't  matter however since probably no one will read this post due to my anti-social tendencies over the interwebs. (My life on the internet is spent being a lurker and a commenter with opinions of no weight whatsoever. "Wow! That was really cool!" "LOL! Hahaha XD")

Also don't take anything I say seriously, the internet does not easily convey nuances in emotions.

Notice my wonderful creative title. Yeah. I'm never going to be a writer
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